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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Again...not much to say! (which is rare for me)

I love the colors of this photo of faded loveliness..
Cleome is such a good flower in July! Just like fireworks!
Provence lavender in sweeps...
And more hydangea photos...
A perfect square "window" became a ...bone?..by the time I ran to get the camera..lol
I was going to title it "window of opportunity" but now "bone of opportunity" loses something HA
How's "porthole" of opportunity? hahaha

I need a vacation  ;  )


  1. Funny how the clouds can change shapes so quickly. I love your cleome! I'm going to have to look that up. It is just gorgeous!

  2. truck lease

    I love those hydangea. I wish I can have that on my garden. It would be a blast.

  3. What a fabulous shot of the Cleomes!

  4. Your photos are gorgeous. What a beautiful garden.


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