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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keeping garden walkways neat

The main garden walkways, in the potting shed garden, are made with small pea stone held in by brick set on the diagonal. This brick was originally bought for another project and I had some left over.
My middle daughter volunteered ( God bless her) to edge all the garden walkways.
She does all the brick edging for the garden.

If a few weeds pop up they get "torched" with the Weed Dragon.
And if I'm feeling energetic, I rake it smooth . Its very therapeutic.
That is the only maintenance it requires.

Keeping with the English/beach feel of the garden, seashells were mixed into the pea stone.
I love the "crunch crunch" sound when walked on.

The utility walkways are laid with bark chips. They make a smooth path for running the wheel barrow over on the way to the compost pile.
So far the few weeds that pop up are hand pulled.
Okay, and..... I admit it..........once in a while I sweep the chips off of the stepping stones.
I can't help it! I like things neat!

I try to keep everything as low maintenance as possible and I was finding
that any grass paths looked shabby and were always needing to be edged or mowed.

I really don't like shabby without the chic, and the work of edging is not high on my list either.
So with  pea stone or wood chips, the paths stay neat and well defined without much work.


  1. Wish I had a daughter that would edge my walkways! I was delighted by the seashells! Beautiful -I may borrow some of these ideas!

  2. Thanks HolleyGarden,

    Yup, thats pretty much why I had kids, to help in the garden...only kidding!

  3. Karen your pathways are wonderful. I love the little shells in the pea gravel. What a sweet touch.


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