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Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet Celosia

Crested Celosia ( Cockscomb) has to be one of my all time favorite flowers. Why?
This plant has so many good attributes it will be hard to list them all!

This velvety, luscious, wavy flower grows in sun and withstands brutal heat. 

It withstands drought and doesn't have any pest problems that I have noticed
 in the last 18 years of growing it.
It doesn't generally need staking even when it reaches over 3 1/2 feet tall.
It faithfully puts out enough seed to "cockscomb" the East coast of the United States, but is not invasive.
It does self sow, but seedlings are so easily removed.
(when you can bring yourself to pull them out.)
The seed is so easy to harvest and it stores well in a dark glass jar.
It dries even better (hung upside down) and is WONDERFUL at Christmas!
Mix it with dried evergreens or boxwood, in wreathes, ornaments, or in garlands.

Recently, our town experienced very high winds because of hurricane Irene.
I was worried that the Celosia I had growing would be destroyed.
Even though it did flop over a bit, it is still flourishing and I'm about to harvest it.
In the past,I have planted it too close together, have forgotten to water it,
and still it produces wonderfully.

The color can be dark pink, light pink, red or yellow.
The dark pink is my favorite, especially this time of year, when the garden is fading.
The leaf is nondescript, but the flowers are a show stopper.
They can get quite large, some larger than a softball.

One year, I set up a stand in front of my house and sold them. Not only did they sell out,
but people came to my front door wanting me to tell them about this amazing flower.

And I was more than happy to oblige.


  1. Really beautiful, Karen! I didn't realize you could dry them.

  2. I remember these from when I was younger. We use to call them "brains" and they would hang from the attic ceiling. Ha!

  3. The Celosia is beautiful. I didn't know you could dry it either.

  4. I have not seen or thought of these in years. I wonder why. They look beautiful, and sound like a great plant! Thanks for showcasing them.

  5. My neighbor always grows this. I love to touch it!! Even the foliage is pretty when its new :-)

  6. Wow, this looks like something my four year old would wear around her neck! God is truly amazing that He would create a flower as beautiful as this.

    I found your blog throught The Chatty Mommy. What a blessing!


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