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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bloomin Hot Out

It's a true Long Island summer, hot and humid. Temps have been in the 90s, but with the high humidity its a real feel temp of low 100s some days.
 Not that I'm complaining...I like it hot!
And some of our blogging friends are experiencing an extended heat wave, not to be believed!
Our hearts are with you guys! We pray for cooling thunder showers to break the wave!

So this week I'm joining in to the Cottage Flora Thursdays link up
and May Dreams Gardens (G.B.B.D)  Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

Here's whats blooming in my yard...
This first photo is deceiving, the bloom on this Abutilon is only 1-1 1/2" ,
but its a beauty planted in this next pot.
Nestled between two Hydrangeas is a pot of annuals..Avalon Red Nicotina, Gerber daisy, Banana tree plant and Abutilon - red flowering maple, mature height 2-3 ft. Also in photo, Echinacea and Coreopsis, and in background 'Tidehill' Boxwood.

Next up: Daylilies:

Hydrangeas that are in part shade are not suffering, but the full sun day ones ( except for Annabelle) are weepy because of the high temps.
    'Annabelle' hydrangea is always a delight - it always looks so fresh during the hot summer days                     
                     A single bloom is huge! although this is really a grouping of tiny blooms

                                                 Buddelia (Butterfly bush) is doing its job

                          I have shown this bird house in  a past post, but now its really blooming,
                                                 so I'll show it again, you don't mind- do you?
                                                   Oh! I think a fat bird is leaning to the right!

                 I'm so excited I could spit! Wisteria is throwing blooms a second time -Yahoo!!

                                    Echinaceas bring the Goldfinches, bees, butterflys and hummingbirds
     Echinaceas, the first photo's flower has petals set more closely together, not sure if these are two different
           cone flowers or they are just growing that way. They are growing in different gardens in the yard.
                                                             White Echinacea - Maybe 'Alba' ?
                                               Phlox paniculata 'David', grows to 40" tall, zones 4-8
               'Provence' lavender is one of the lavenders I grow. I also love 'Hidcote' and 'Munstead'.
                               This is the cultivar most used in France for oils and perfumes.
I have encircled a Hydrangea Piniculata tree form with 12 or so lavender plants. The bees become drunk with nectar and just hang so perfectly still on the lavender wands, that you can pet them.
I will  post a photo when the tree comes into bloom.

I'll end with quirky looking Black Eyed Susans just coming into bloom

So that't whats bloomin in my yard...
What's blooming where you are?
Hope everyone is staying cool!


  1. Your flowers are beautiful. I especially love the hydrangeas. I have one
    bluish one (Nantucket Blue) that I am trying to keep alive. I planted it in the spring and it is still trying to get established. The whole month of July and most of June we have a 100+ temps. I hope to plant some white ones next year. The Annabelle is beautiful. I also love your iris photo. I'm really fond of iris.

  2. Hi Cottage Dome,

    Thank you for your kind words, I don't think I know Nantucket Blue! I will have to look it up!
    So much of the country seems to be having a heat wave!
    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Wow. I'll say your Buddleias are doing their job! Beautiful photos, Karen. Your garden is way ahead of mine. No hydrangeas, echinaceas or Phlox here yet. How nice that you're getting another round of blossoms on your wisteria!

  4. Beautiful! I posted a pic of a pink cone flower with a bee too :) I think your blue Hydrangea is amazing, it is too hot here for mine to do much at this point. Happy Gardening ~ Jacque

  5. Oh the hydrangeas... amazing! ...and your abutilon photo is spectacular! Larry

  6. OMG you have so much everything, I love your garden. The hydrangeas are HUGE and Echinaceas...oh wow, I'm in love:)
    Greetings from Finland

  7. Man your flowers look fantastic. Thanks for stopping by my blog also.
    Craig Outdoors

  8. I love your blog header, so beautiful. You have some wonderful hydrangeas and love the daylilies.

  9. I am drooling over those Hydrangeas--simply stunning!

    I see by your header that you have some nice iris, too. You have been putting your master gardener skills to good use!

  10. Hi Karen,
    WOW! Your flowers are gorgeous! A glimpse of glory indeed! I also love your blog's header...beautiful! Thank you for stopping by.
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Your garden is beautiful! Wish my garden looked like yours. Great photos!

  12. Hi Grace, I thought your garden would be ahead of mine! Thanks for visiting me! I'm enjoying yours!

    Hi Jacque,
    Thank you for your compliments! The hydrangea bush is one of many and I almost didn't include it because it feel so "common" lol
    Thanks for visiting!

    Hi Larry,
    High praise indeed! You'll swell the head of this stumbling new photo taker/ blogger! lol
    Thank you!

    Hi Henrietta from Finland!
    Welcome! and thank you for your kind words!

    Hey Craig,
    Thank you for visiting!

    Hi Pat,
    Thank you for the compliment on my header, I just added that! I'm so new at this I feel like I'm reinventing the wheel!

    Thanks Zoey!
    Love your name - Does it mean life?
    I'm thinking I have way too many Irises!
    Thanks for commenting!

    Hi Wendy,
    Welcome! I can't wait to have the time to read everyone's past posts!
    Thanks for your comments!

    Hi Lynn
    Thank you, My garden is a true blessing to me..a lot of work, but a blessing!

    Kind regards to all,

  13. Your yard is beautiful! Your hydrangeas look great, mine are on the ground every day-I am so tired of watering!

  14. Gorgeous Hydrangeas & lily's - but lucky you to have such a beautiful wisteria! Thanks for sharing at Fishtail Cottage's Garden party this week! xoxo, tracie

  15. I do love the Annabelle hydrangeas but your blue ones are gorgeous. I love your header.
    Thanks for stopping by my garden.

  16. Hi Mississippi Artist,
    When the weather stays continually hot, the Hydrangeas do droop..it's so sad.

    Hi Tracie,
    Fun party, thank you and thanks for visiting me!

    Hi Barb and Dell,
    Loved seeing your garden!
    Thanks for visiting


  17. Aren't those swallowtails great! Your garden looks superb. I agree with you on the hocks, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  18. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    Your butterfly shots are so beautiful and your garden has a wonderful assortment of blooms. Love the pink daylilies and that blue hydrangea doesn't look like it is minding the heat all that much!

  19. Hi Karen. Thank you for visiting my blog and allowing me to find and follow your lovely blog! Your gardens are beautiful and it is so nice to find another Long Islander gardener. Happy GBBD!

  20. Very nice! You have a fantastic number of blooms..it looks lovely. I love that the wisteria is blooming again...one trick to help that along is to remove the seed pods as they grow. I keep mine blooming lightly all summer by doing that. And what a great butterfly photo!

  21. Karen: Lovely blooms. Thanks for stopping by. You can always count on the Annabelles for fresh looking flowers huh?

  22. Wow! Love the Daylilies and hydrangeas. I've recently been given an Abutilon - can't wait for it to flower for me! I love them.
    Happy GBBD :)

  23. Gorgeous photos. Your garden is magnificent. I wish I could get my hydrangeas to blue up as much as yours--in my neck of the woods, that takes some doctoring.

    Happy Bloomday!

  24. Hi Karen, Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following! Back at ya! Your garden is gorgeous!!! I'm going to add you to my sidebar :-) Glad to have found your blog!

  25. Hi Karen--thanks for your inquiry on Ormolulu. YES, the sign (and just about everything else you see on my blog) is for sale. $95.

    I can't find your email address. Please email me back: debi@ormolulu.com



  26. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for your visit & kind comment at WMG! Glad to meet you.

    What a wonderful display you have at this time of year! Glad you are enjoying the heat. I have needed to water our annuals everyday, which is easier when my hubby can help me wrestle the hose. :)

    Happy GBBD!

  27. Your photos are stunning, just a joy! I adore the hydrangeas. We have several, and with this year of drought only a few blooms. I'm so glad to see you have many. Thanks for sharing and inspiring with you blooms.

  28. Wow just look at your garden...its soo gorgeous! I love the hydrangeas blue and white, the lilies,lavender, echinaceas, I think I love all of your garden blooms and those photos are superb!

  29. Your blog is tunning especially that header phtot. It quite took my breath away when I looked at it.You've got areal depth and colour to your photos.
    I had a wee trawl through and I want your daughter to come and make her cupcakes at our house! Is that okay with you?

  30. Just beautiful gardens and your photos are awesome. thanks for visiting. I am in upstate Ny and we actually have a group of 5 NY bloggers that get together monthly for lunch. Too bad you aren't closer, you could join us. Have a great weekend!

  31. Your gardens are absolutely stunning with such outstanding photography!

    My property is so shady now that the only hydrangea I can grow if the oak leaf - and that one is a favorite of the uninvited deer!

    Have a great weekend,

  32. Karen, Your header photo is absolutely stunning! What a lovely spring garden you have! Love your hydrangeas, your coneflowers (the white could also be 'White Swan'), and your lavender. Do you cook with your lavender? The abutilon is a real beauty too. You have an awesome garden, Karen, and I am now your newest follower. I recommend you join myself and others on Fridays for Fertilizer Friday at http://tootsietime.com.
    Hugs, Beth

  33. Karen your garden is just amazing with so many beautiful flowers despite the hot weather. I grew up with large hydrangeas but they don't do that well in my area due to the winter frosts. I love those shots of the butterfly in particular.

  34. Hello Greggo,
    I think this butterfly was posing for me!
    Thanks for visiting me, I'm enjoying your posts!

    Thanks Jennifer! The Hydrangeas do weep some but never fail me!

    Hi Lee,
    Thanks so much.So glad we connected, I'm sure we'll talk!

    Hi Leslie,
    Thanks for the tip, I'll make sure to de-seed!
    And thank you for your kind words!

    Hello Gardenbuzz,
    Thanks for visiting!

    Hi TheGardeningblog,
    Abutilon is new for me too and I usually go for bigger blooms, but it capture my attention!

    Hello Hoover Boo,
    Thanks for the compliments and the visit!
    Long Island has sandy soil that tends to be acidic, so the Hydrangeas need no ammending to be very blue. They even get more blue than the photo is showing.

    Hi Toni,
    wow, thanks for putting me on your side bar!
    I'm really touched! Now if I could learn how to even get a side bar..lol..I know I'll learn all of these blogging tricks sooner or later!

    Hi Debi,
    Thanks for visiting, I will email you soon!

    Hi Julie,
    Hose wrestling should be an Olympic event!
    Thanks for your kind words and stopping by.

    Hello Curtissannmatlock,
    Thanks so much! I'm really trying to get a handle on all this photo taking/blogging thing!
    So your compliments are very encouraging to me

  35. What beautiful flowers and photos! I love the butterfly pics especially :) I added a Wisteria last year-it's doing great, but no blooms yet...

  36. soooo lovely! Your garden is truly stunning. :)

  37. Here I am, finally returning your welcome visit to my Bloom Day post! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello. It's always especially nice to hear from a fellow New Yorker.
    Your beautiful garden is a showcase to the loving care you give it.
    Your hydrangeas are truly spectacular!
    And I see You're a fellow daylily lover :)
    Isn't it wonderful to see the bees and butterflies enjoying the beautiful blooms? And the birds are always a delight.
    What a relief this beautiful weather has been since those searing heatwave temps! And the rain was so welcome :) I hope we get a little more from today's predicted thunderstorms.
    Happy gardening!
    Kerri - http://colorsofthegarden.blogspot.com


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