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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

favorite photo shots 2011 - part 2

                         Sometimes I feel like a mama to this garden! I love all the photos! Ha!


                                  This is probably my all time favorite rose! 'Teasing Georgia'

                                          This arbor is covered in 'New Dawn' roses in June.
                                                          Border at the back of the house

           These Hydrangeas always put on a great show, but they do suffer if we get extreme heat.
                                                      Potting shed garden main walkway
                             A flour-sack dried flower arrangement made with flowers from the garden.
                                        A view thru the wavy glass potting shed window.
                                   I love love love when bugs look right at you like their posing!
                    Leopard spotted  dragon fly...okay I made that up..but I think it's a good name.
                                               The garden awash in evening's sunlight.
                                                               Happy Mammoth sunflower

                                                            So, that's a "few" of my favorites...
                                                            Can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

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  1. Beautiful! Love the sunflower, and the bugs and butterflies. I like your name for that dragonfly - very fitting. Your hydrangeas are so much more full than mine - I think mine are in a little too much shade. Your rose covered arbor is magnificent!


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