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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Poop possiblities!

I have to admit I'm a lazy composter...all year long I dump any undiseased garden clippings, weeds (not gone to seed, okay maybe sometimes they do have seeds lol) and whatever else I can think of onto one of my three compost piles. I think I might turn the pile once a season. If that.
Using this lazy method, the piles grow quite large quickly and need something to get them "cookin".
So, always being on the look out for good "poop possibilities" look what's catching my attention!!
                                              What are these guys called?? Anyone know??
                                                                 Maybe shaggy Bison?
                                                                These guys are Huge!!
Now I have to tell you when I got out of the car to take these shots, they seemed less than interested in me and would not even come close enough for a photo shoot.
That is until I came up with the idea of pulling long tufts of grass from my side of the fence and waving it at them..that got their attention!
                                              They came running and I WENT running! Ha!
I'm sure the owner of the beautiful beasts would be less that pleased with me squeezing through the fence rails to collect field poop and I'm not too sure even I would go that far...okay for those who know me stop that snickering right now :  )
                                                This field is right down the road from me and
                                                        there  are also donkeys and llamas.

                                                                        Aren't they cute?


  1. I bet if you asked, the owner would gladly let you collect all the poop you wanted!

  2. Those things are gigantic and you are seriously scaring me being so close to them!!! I can only imagine how big their poop piles are. :)

  3. Only a gardener could get excited at the thought of free poop! LOL I'm thinking the same thing as Holley. I bet the owner has poop to spare.

    They are pretty amazing creatures, aren't they? I love the photo of the one looking up at you like he just woke up or something. Those horns are a wee bit scary though. Let us know what happens.

  4. These are Highland cattle originally bred in Scottland


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