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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Garden Nursrey Tour

One day while trying to think of something fun to do with 5 of my M.G.G friends (Master Gardener girl) I came up with an idea for a tour.
Instead of going on a regular garden tour, I organized a garden nursery tour.
I mapped out some of the best nurseries in the area ( Okay, so I know all the nurseries within a 50 mile radius of my house) They are in abundance on the North Fork of Long Island!
I cut any coupons for participating nurseries and included them  in a pretty goodie bag along with
various botanical products( lip balm, trial size hand cream, hand wipes), some small snacks and a water bottle.
On The day chosen, we all met at my house and piled into 2 cars.
The day was a lot of fun, oohhing and aahhing while shopping for plants together. It not only gave us a great opportunity to be together but we also got to exchange knowledge/experience for a lot of different plants.
We ended with a lunch at my house.
While this idea may not be original, I had never heard of it before.
Has anyone else heard of this?
So for this post, I wanted to share three of my favorite nurseries.
If you are in the area, they are definitely worth a visit.
                                    Located at 1350 Main Road Jamesport, N.Y   631-722-2121
                      Great prices, Great service ( The nicest family owned nursery), a ton of plants!

         My next favorite is Verderbers Nursery
       459 Main Road Aquebogue, NY
            631-722-4388      www.verderbers.com
I stopped at Verderbers this past week to take these photos and while I was there a certain famous person who shall remain anonymous, but whose initials are M.S. ( she has a t.v. show and magazine) was shopping by phone!
                              They have a HUGE array of plant material, including specimen trees
                                                      and ornamental shrubs and statuary.
                                                 They have fair prices for the quality they offer.

                                                          Last is Peconic River Herb Farm
                                                          Calverton, NY 631-369-0058

                         A vast array of plants including a ton of herbs, trees, vines and shrubs.
                  Located on a beautiful river front setting and they encourage you to bring a picnic lunch.

We must have hundreds of garden centers, farm stands, wineries and nurseries here on the North Fork of Long Island. It is a beautiful place to live. Now if I could just get to the local grocery store without having to pass all of these places....


  1. Thanks for the tour, Karen. I was interested to see that you are in zone 7. I believe L.I. is north of Iowa and we are zone 5. Apparently the ocean makes the difference? I am excited, as I'll be travelling to NYC soon for some R & R!!!
    Blessings, Beth

  2. Love the pictures of Verderbers and now that M.S. (thinking I know who this might be) shops there, I must stop by so I can say that I've been also. LOL
    And the herb pot my son made at the peconic river herb farm is thriving.
    I love your trip with your friends- sounds like fun- I would of loved a picture of the "goodie" bag.
    You should do posts on how to plan day trips.
    You're great.

  3. What a fun fun trip! How great that you organized that. I just went on a trip to tour a few gardens, and which ended with a trip to a nursery. That was great b/c you spend the afternoon inspired, then get to shop at the end.

  4. Wow! Those nurseries are so huge with lots of plants and flowers to choose from! I wouldnt be able to resist them too!

  5. Outside unique garden shop looks rad love all that old wood, lots of fun stops on the tour. Matti

  6. Food? What's that? :) How wonderful to have these shops so close to home. They all look fabulous but that last place is to die for. What a fun trip you all must have had. Did you buy anything?

  7. I love visiting garden centers. How fun to do it with a group of friends! They were all great but the last one was my favorite.


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