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Friday, July 29, 2011

Loving the Calyx and other things...

                                      Hibiscus 'Lady Baltimore' - Height 48-60 inches, zones 4-10
                                                     This is a lovely Hardy Hisbiscus.
                  The detail of the green calyx showing through the slits in the red throat is a beautiful detail,
                                                                     A glimpse of glory.
                                       The Calyx on this Cleome holds the shiny thread like stems
                                                        that spring forth with attached petals.
                                When the petals unfurl, the bloom bursts open, reminding me of a firework.

 With the temps being so high, I find I'm in the garden either in the  early morning or in the evening. I really like the light  around 7pm. The air is thick and kind of hazy. The sharpness is missing in photos and edges
                                     are slightly blurred. It makes the world seem more relaxed.
                                             'Karl Forester' grass has turned a lovely amber-tan color
                                                            that shows beautifully in the evening light.

These are just a few of the things I'm loving in the garden right now...


  1. I'm loving the things in your garden too. I especially love the hardy hibiscus. It's beautiful. I planted one last fall and thought it didn't make it through the winter. But it is finally growing. It won't be blooming for awhile yet
    Happy gardening

  2. Talk about a glimpse of glory. I love the Lady in all her regalia. Ditto for the Cleome. I love the soft lighting of your evening shots too. Love the hydrangea.

  3. Your garden looks wonderful. I love the urn and the hydrangea tree and the ornamental grasses. Beautiful!

    Have I told you how much I love your header shot?

  4. Beautiful pictures! I just love the potting shed.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your garden post at Cottage Flora Thursday's. i'm loving your garden shed - so inspiring! is that a hydrangea tree i see? gorgeous! xoox, tracie


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