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Friday, September 23, 2011

Random thoughts

Lately Ive had internet issues so my posting has been less frequent than I'd like.
And I haven't been able to visit all of you as much as I like to :(
Thank you to everyone who has been stopping by!
Hopefully I will get these issues solved soon.
So, today, I'm posting this from my local library. Libraries are great!
 There are many farm fields that are local to me that grow beautiful crops, but this one is a car-stopper!
This lovely has performed beautifully all summer, through heat, rain, hurricane and more rain.
I have shown it before, but wanted to post it now that we are at the end of September. Or almost.
The garden is starting to go to sleep and I am out there cutting back many perrienials.
 But Mandevilla Pergola ,'Surprise' (an annual), is still going strong and giving me joy.
                                               Hibiscus moscheutos 'Luna Red' is another joy.
                                                  Knock out roses are great - aren't they?
                                                  Being common is not always a bad thing!

So, here are my random thoughts...or questions.

Why do garden centers sell invasive plants? Is it a part of an evil plot?

What do garden bloggers post about in all those long winter months?

How is it that each year by October, I'm so sick of gardening to the point of thinking:
"I cant' wait for the first hard freeze so I have an excuse to get away from all this back breaking labor"

only to be thinking

" Oh, soil, beautiful life giving soil, Is that a new green shoot I see bursting from the ground??" with sheer excitement a few months later?

Randomness... pure randomness.


  1. That farm field is gorgeous! I would love to drive by that every day. And the hibiscus bloom is gorgeous! As for garden centers - I threw a fit there one day when I saw a weed - yes a weed! - potted up for sale! Everyone at the garden center at the time knew not to buy that weed, that's for sure! lol I hope you get your internet issues worked out soon.

  2. Now that is how Cannas should be grown! What a gorgeous field of red flowers!

    I too am a fan of Knockouts. I have two red ones and one Rainbow and have been impressed with their performance.

  3. Hi Karen, What a beautiful field of cannas. I understand your feelings re: 1) what do garden bloggers blog about in January, and 2) getting a bit (or a lot) tired of working in the garden this time of year. I can definitely identify.
    Hugs, Beth

  4. Beautiful Cannas, Mandevillas, Hibiscus and Knockouts.' Love that they're all a reddish-pink hue. Last winter I post summer photos of my garden and reminisced. Why do nurseries sell invasive plants? One word MONEY. Why are you ready for a break in October? Burnout! I've got it too! Great post. Hope you can get your Internet issues resolved.


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