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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Digging for gold

Good compost is considered gold in the garden.
Some people call it black gold.
Each spring I remove any uncomposted material from the top of the pile and there it is....
beautiful compost to top dress the garden beds.
And I never turned the pile once! HA!
All the twigs, leaves, grass, and plant trimmings go back on the pile, when I will dig again in the fall.
These are the rules I follow in building my compost piles:

Alternate carbon and nitrogen materials. ( Browns and greens basically)
Keep the pile filled with air. Hopefully it rains once in a while to keep it semi-moist.
Very large diameter twigs or branches on a separate pile.
Nothing with disease.

And that's it!
The lazy method of composting...it works for me.

On another subject, recently I posted about my new seating arrangement for the garden.
I would like to paint the garden bench...but am perplexed as to what color.

Does anyone have an idea?
Sage green, deep cobalt blue...maybe gloss black?

I'd LOVE opinions.


  1. How about a mustard yellow color (something like the color of the pot)? I also love hot pink but that wouldn't match your colors so how about lime green and aqua stripes?

  2. Hi Karen, Your compost looks just great! I am always stirring mine, trying to hurry things along. However, you have proven that patience is a virtue!

  3. I don't have the space for a traditional compost pile but am hoping to squeeze in a composting barrel this summer. I do make lots of worm compost that's awesome in the garden in an unfinished portion of my basement. But I'd love to have a pile as big as yours! As for your bench, what about a muted turquoise blue? It would pop against the evergreen and would partner well with the grey chairs. I'm not sure if it would match the cushion. A greyish purple would be beautiful, too.

  4. sage green or even purple would be just beautiful on the bench gonna try this compost thing


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