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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Favorite garden book in the whole wide world

I absolutely love, love love this book.
It's enormously informative without being encyclopedia-ish, beautifully photographed and so interesting.
I read every word, twice.
The author, Ken Druse, has an enthusiasm that is delightful.
He speaks of the 'Golden Mean," a mathematical design formula that is found repeatedly in nature and thus in art and architecture.
                                    As you can see I own a 'few" books on gardening. Here are just a few.
                                                   They are all good, some being better than others.
                      But Planthropology surpasses them all, teaching me concepts I have never read about.
            Which is really saying something, since I have gone to the public library an average of twice a week
                                                                     for many years now.

Also highly recomended is:


  1. So glad to hear about this book! I love Ken Druse, but I don't have this one. I will be looking for it now! And the DVD set by Penelope Hobhouse sounds wonderful, too. I have a book review meme on the 20th of each month and I hope you will join in some time! :)

  2. Thanks Holley!
    Okay, going out on the old ignorant limb...whats a meme? lol
    I think I would love to join in!

  3. "Oh YES"! I own quite a few myself..."BUT" if you RECOMMEND this book, THEN It's a MUST HAVE!!!
    Thank you so much,
    Happy Mothers Day,

  4. Hi Karen, Sounds like a great book! Thanks for sharing.


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