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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wake me up, I don't want to miss a thing Part 1

The excitement of Spring! The first few days of early spring brings a different kind of light into my morning bedroom. Something feels different and I wake pre-dawn with an excitement that reminds me that winter is passed. The birds are chirping and I have a happy little feeling that soon the air will be warm and I will be in the garden again ! Ah, If only I could sleep in the potting shed...and garden in my p.j s.

My main garden has had three identities...only because I am such an indecisive person. The first garden was all about autumn, the second an heirloom organic vegetable garden and the third, which I presently slave over is a perennial garden which I love the best. They have all occupied the same space, the back 50 x 70 foot section of my yard.
Nine years ago we built a new house and boy was I EXCITED ! So with little planning, okay no planning, and before curtains went on the windows, that first garden was sown. A wonderful garden of Sunflowers, towering over our heads while full, lush, velvety red and pink crested Celosia (Cockscomb) planted much too close together performed amazingly well in spite of the error. A special bed was made for the Pumpkins. Nieces and nephews names were scratched into the green pumpkin flesh so that when scars formed, their names could be searched out by the owner of that pumpkin. That first garden was started in spring, but not fully enjoyed until fall.


  1. I want to know what is keeping you from sleeping in the potting shed and gardening in your jammies. ::wink:: Loved the blog. You're off to a good start Karen.


  2. I'm with Patty about why not sleep in the potting shed?
    Really need help starting seedlings to have a garden.
    I'm all ears.

  3. Love the post and the pumpkins with the kids names on them.

  4. Hi patty,
    What a nice surprise to see your comment waiting for me when I got home today! This is all so exciting lol. As soon as I figure out how to put my photo with my name, I'll be sure to visit your blog often as a "follower" since I've been loving all of posts! LOTS of wisdom

  5. Hey...To The Chatty Mommy,
    Should I have put spaces in that greeting?
    So much to learn lol.
    I will def help with seed starting...what kind of plants are you hoping to grow? Lots of things can go directly in the ground when its time ( a little easier ) if you dont have room in the house for trays,lights etc... just let me know what you want to grow.

  6. Hi Mellissa,

    Thanks so much for the encouragement and all of your help!

    love you


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