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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wake me up, I don't want to miss a thing Part 3

Let me first say that I fully appreciate how important it is to keep a vegetable garden and grow ones own food. The benefits of organic produce, springing up from fertile soil that is enriched with small scale home made compost, growing only feet from ones kitchen door rather than hundreds of miles away cannot be overstated. Neither can the energy saved, money and vitamin content gained.

But no matter hard I try to imagine it, no matter what books proclaim, vegetable gardens are NOT pretty!

And I soon came to the realization...
I wanted a pretty garden.  I love pretty.
Fat, gorgeous flower bombs falling over with beauty from their own weight. Roses so heavy with scent they fill the air with perfume. Trailing vines climbing birdhouses with shocking color that make it appear even the birds would be partial to the location.
"Oh George, there is a house I saw the other day I really want you to see", Mrs. Robin would say.

And so the life of the veggie garden ended and the Perennial garden began. And that is the garden I have been joyfully slaving over ever since.
glimpses of glory

The change over starting, flowers and veggies together


  1. I am in love with all the beautiful photos! The colors are so vivid and your grass looks so green.

  2. I think you should rent out little plots of your garden and teach us with yellow thumbs how to grow some produce!
    Times are tough!
    I can't imagine the savings on tomatoes alone if I didn't buy 2 cartons of the grape ones for $5 on sale every week in the summer!
    And then cucumbers.
    Maybe even some peppers!....


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