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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Abundant Iris Lusciousness

Irises have started their show, at least the purples have. Then the Bi-colors and next will be the pinks and the whites. The Siberians are over 4 feet tall and very little work. Even with the moles eating so many of the Siberian's roots this winter, they didn't miss a beat in blooming. In fact, I think they bloomed better?
Now there's a plant that's a keeper. When the blooms are spent, the plants "grassy' show will go on waving in the breeze.
so many buds and over 4 ft. tall!
'Glad Heart'  bearded Iris
 We are blessed with good soil!
Two pinks are ahead of the rest with Peonies not far behind.
Get my P.Js, Im sleepin in the shed!


  1. Glad heart is amazing. Your blue sky mixed with the blue iris is stupendous.


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