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Monday, May 2, 2011

Guy Wolff Pots

About 15 years ago Victoria magazine ran a feature article about a potter in Litchfield, Conn, named Guy Wolff. The article spoke about his gift in hand throwing clay pots and how beautiful they were.
Several years later, on the way home from our family vacation in Vermont, I realized that we would almost pass through the town where Guys' studio was!
After calling information to get his phone number, I nervously called him.
It was a little late in the day, but he said to come on by!
We quickly packed our 3 kids and luggage into the car but arrived about 2 hours later. I had not realized it would take us so long to get there.
There Guy was working at his wheel throwing pots for an order he was working on for the Royal Horticulture Society! If I remember correctly, the pots were part of an order for the White House!!!!
He not only took the time to teach my kids about throwing pots, but allowed me to purchase several pots, one of them being a pot that was already finished from the order he was working on.
He said he didn't mind throwing one to replace the one I had chosen.

He was not only gracious, but down to earth and funny. He made us feel so welcome and it is a day I will never forget.

A few years ago, Mr. C and I were in New York city for the day and ran across a "Green Fair" that was being hosted in Union Square. There were all sorts of vendors promoting the importance of being "green".
From across the square, I saw a small brown clay pot that looked so very familiar. With a gasp (I kid you not) I quickly dragged my husband over to the vendors' stall. There on the pot was the name "Ben Wolff".
"His son, it must be his son" I declared too loudly. And sure enough, it was.

When I asked how much the pot cost, the vendor said it wasn't for sale, it was just part of their display.
So, being the begger that I am, I went on to tell my tale of finding Guy Wolff in Conn. all those years ago and how much I love his pots and how much I would truly love to have this pot made by his son.

10 seconds later, it was mine, and for a very reasonable price.

N.Y.C. found pot on right, left pot recent find in Greenport, N.Y

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