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Friday, May 20, 2011

Visions of Nature, Glimpses of Glory

Its that time of year when my excitement runs high and thoughts are racing as to all of the wonderful things that will be happening in the garden.

Design ideas are filling my head both day and night. I love the whole process of putting plant combinations together or creating little vignettes and when I get it right, at least to my taste, I feel the "IT IS GOOD".

Plant texture, form, variegated patterns, color, shape and also mature size all comes into play. The combination possibilities are endless! Can you tell I'm EXCITED !!!

So I wonder if that's how God felt when He was creating. His work is amazing.
Globe Allium almost there
Seashells to be used as mulch
unsure of cultivar Hosta
Siberian Iris - Ceasars' Brother
Even His spiders are cool

But I'd like to think that we share the same feeling when creating something beautiful.
The "IT IS GOOD" feeling.

And that is how I'm starting to feel about this garden.

The rain has made everything lush!

Whats going on in your garden that has you excited ?


  1. OK- got a couple of questions.
    But first, our plants are in!!!! So excited. I think I might weigh the produce to see if we make what we put into it.
    How do you use seashells as mulch?
    What kind of spider is that?
    We have them in our yard and I have never seen them before this spring.
    I love your pictures and especially your profile picture!
    Miss you.
    Love you to come to one of our games.

  2. That's great about the plants! Have you been saving your eggshells? lol Pretty much anything can be used as mulch that #1. blocks out light (to suppress weeds) #2. lets water pass thru) so they will be used at the base of a plant or plants, prob in a pot.
    Darn! I thought I was the first to discover this spider and my blog would become famous and I would become rich...lol, Really I have no clue what kind it is!
    Thanks for the profile photo compliment,,I really wanted that Christmas tree, but we would have had to raise our ceilings! Only its a gadget photo cause I cant figure out how to make the profile photo larger so my profile is blank on comment sites ! I'll get there hahaha
    Hope to see you guys soon

  3. Seashells as mulch? Very interesting. I didn't know you could do that. I'm not sure I'd want to since they are so pretty!

    God is amazing & his creation is awesome. But the spider is creeping me out. :)

  4. Huh, I don't think you liked the worm in the photo a couple of posts ago!
    Hope you're having fun!


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