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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Approaching storm

Wednesday, on my way home from the gym, I turned on the car radio to hear that we had a severe thunder storm approaching with high winds and possible hail.
With my mind racing, on what needed to be done at home, my thoughts turned to the garden.

Oh, all my lovely flowers. "I sure hope it doesn't hail".
Arriving home, I dropped my things in the kitchen and began filling vases.
Isn't this on the list for emergency preparation? 

Peonies and 'Great Heron' Iris
top view
'Colleen Marie' and 'Music Man' Peonies
Top view - one measuring 9" across!

'Pink Giant" Peonies

In the potting shed, all ready to go into the house
Thankfully the storm passed us by, but boy the house smells good!
My Baby girl
"Whites" are so pretty on the table

and so are "pinks"!
And still hundreds left on the plants!

In my opinion ( for what it's worth), Peonies are one of the most delightful plants.
They are long lived once established, produce lovely flowers for the garden and vase, aren't fussy,
and not too much bothers them.
Even after the flowers fade, the foliage stays fresh looking thru fall.
Some cultivars even have foliage that turns a nice wine color.
In late fall, I cut back all stems and clean up the area so no diseases or pests can "winter in".
In spring, buds rise up from the bare soil where the foliage died back the previous fall.
I make sure the base of the shoots is clear from any debris, and give the plant a light feeding of aged chicken manure. Peonies are heavy feeders and appreciate the fertilization.
When the stems reach about a foot tall, I place a peony hoop around them to support them.
Then I stand back and let them go!
It is said that once established, Peonies can live a hundred years. Now that's value for my money.
Most of the Peonies in my garden were either bought bare root or dug up from others gardens.
I don't think I have lost one yet, and I have been known to kill a plant or two.
A few facts to remember about Peonies is not to plant them too deep, it will effect the flowering
(I planted mine 2-3" below soil level) and ants on the unopened buds will not hurt or aid the plant, they are just after the nectar. There are so many wonderful cultivars, I can't get enough!
A 'Festiva Maxima' lovely


  1. My favorite are the bright pink!
    They are beautiful.
    You could make the most beautiful wedding bouquets!
    I love them all.

  2. Thanks!
    I always thought they'd make great wedding flowers. And they can be picked while still in tight buds and kept refrigerated until the event!
    (I think for up to 2 months)
    Then you just take them out, give them a clip and set them in a vase of water to fully bloom!!
    How cool is that!

  3. Gorgeous! My childhood summers were filled with peonies at Memorial Day. -- and you put them on the dining room table! Mama always had vases of peonies waiting on the dining room table before we went to clean the cemetery.

  4. Thank you so much Nell Jean and welcome! I look forward to visiting your blog and reading your posts!

  5. Peonies are one of my favorites! Hey- I didn't get a guest spot in your photo. No fair ;)

  6. I so agree Peonies are beautiful. I have a few in my yard. Yours are so beautiful.

  7. I'm just waiting for my peony buds to pop. Our weather is unseasonably wet and cool so everything is several weeks behind normal here. Yours are absolutely stunning! Don't you just love those blooms! So glad you found my blog!

  8. Hi Melliss,
    Thanks for the visit!
    I think some crazy hat photos are in this blogs future!
    Always miss you

  9. Thanks Crystal,
    Peonies smell so good too
    So glad you stopped by!


  10. Hi Carolyn,

    Boy, my guess was way off for your post! lol
    Thanks for stopping by



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