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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mandevilla Pergola

This beauty is, I think, prettier from the back than it is in front. Part to full sun.
The bud gives you a "glimpse" of what is to come!

  This lovely came from Hort Couture. It will happily climb a garden trellis or pergola in no time.
I give it regular watering and feeding in a well drained soil. It blooms spring to fall.


  1. Pretty Pretty! I want earrings in this color!

  2. I never thought about looking at the back - but I think it is prettier, too! Great color!

  3. Hi Karen,
    It's me again...I just read what zone you are in and now I know why our gardening taste is alike...I'm "UP HERE IN CT"!!!haha... I just joined to FOLLOW YOU! I hope you will FOLLOW ME TOO, if you like!

  4. Your garden is so lovely, and I love the blue of your hydrangeas! I am visiting from Cottage Flora Thursday.


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