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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Entertaining myself...Somebodys gotta do it

Well, I am in full swing with the pruning/trimming, off with their heads program. Wheel barrows, clippers, loppers and large garbage pails are all getting a work out. Not to mention the head gardener (okay, the only gardener).
Toiling, sweating, heavy lifting, machete like chopping, me.
So, when I see something of delight, a small flower, a vignette, cast of light...a glimpse of glory, I take a moment.
This is the rear south side of my yard. The evergreens are along my property line with the Buckthorn trees on my neighbors' property. It reminds me of an old oil painting. The birds that live in this wooded area are always singing...I especially love the male Cardinals.
Have lost the name of this grass, but the plumes are very airy with a purple cast echoing the Japanese 'Bloodgood' maple.
The Harry Lauders Walking stick tree has filled out nicely this year as did the Stachys byzantina, 'Silver Carpet' Lambs Ears. This statue of "kissing Cousins" was given to me by my mother years ago for my birthday. I love this scene, it has the same purple/green combo as in the previous photo.

A Canna leaf unfurling ( this is a Canna- right?) hahaha.. some Master Gardener I am, lol. Whatever it is, I love it. Purple and green again. The bloom is in the next photo.
                                 I think this bloom is supposed to be vertical, but I'm glad it grew this way.


  1. Stunning...Thank you for sharing these delightful moments with us....Love that last photo and the statue is so sweet.

    Blessings Kelsie

  2. Love your kissing statue! And the canna leaves are beautiful. The last picture is gorgeous. Sounds like you've been busy! I should be doing all those chores - maybe in another month or so when it cools off a bit!

  3. Your grass -- could it be 'Moudry' Black Fountain Grass? And your canna looks like one I have called 'King Humbert." Beautiful :-) Don't work too hard!

  4. Hi Karen, Yep! Pruning and deadheading are the work of the August garden, aren't they? And watering of course. And taking time out to enjoy the view, of course. :) Love your Canna leaf and blossoms. Your Harry Lauder's is so cool. I'm jealous! :)

  5. I love the lamb's ear- the kids were just talking about it the other day - like it was the rarest plant they could think of!
    They love that we grew our own vegetables and think we should build a greenhouse. lol kids.


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