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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A beautiful place to live

Okay, I'll admit it.
I LOVE Long Island.
It is one beautiful place to live.
The farms are plentiful, the beaches beautiful and we have so many quaint towns filled with charming shops.
Every where I go different things catch my eye. And this week was no different.
Right in the middle of a historic town, not far from my town, a community garden has sprung up.
River and Roots Community garden.
Participants receive an 8' by 4' raised bed to plant in for $25.00 per year.
This is the garden's first year and it looks great!
While I stopped to capture these photos, I met a retired police officer and his young daughter checking on their tomatoes. It is the first time they have ever had a garden! Love that!
This piece of land that is owned by the town  was sitting idle and encouraged vagrants to hang out.
Now it is a lovely garden that has a picnic area, compost pile, tool shed and lots of veggies and flowers!
Next is a field that is on my way home that always makes me smile!
                                                   "Always turn your face to the sun"!

                                                       Another scene at a near by farm stand

                                                                       And back home again

Because the gardens in the back yard are almost more than I can keep up with, We keep the front simple.


  1. Your home is really nice. I love the flower containers.

  2. What a lovely community garden, and the sunflower field is wonderful. I didn't realize that Long Island was so agrarian. Love the flower pony with the grass tail!!


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