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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer time is easy

I found this little map and thought I'd post it so you all can see what the east end of the north fork of Long Island looks like. We have beaches on both sides of us ( Peconic Bay to the south and the Long Island Sound to the north.)
So besides gardening, and baking, I've been swimming. Okay, I do clean house once in a while.
I wish summer would never end.
I have circled my town, Jamesport.
This is the bayside, South Jamesport beach. The water is warm and clear, most days.
An $8.00 float from Walmart and life is good!
 Puffy clouds just float on by...

  The garden seems to be flourishing, lots of new growth! I am still pruning and constantly weeding.
This next shot is showing some bare patches. I have been removing an invasive plant, 'Coronation Gold' Yarrow. Horrible Bamboo like runners..
This next shot is from an upstairs window...
I like that the garden is quite far from the house, it makes it feel like a "get away".
Crested Celosia is just coming in..it's an annual that I'm in love with. I will dry it for Christmas decorations.
I have planted the seeds, which I've collected from previous years, in several locations in the garden.
I will be sure to post photos when it matures. Not much bothers it, and it is a beauty!
The first Mammoth sunflower is curving into a bowl shape, so it looks like I will be able to make the basket I spoke of in the last post! YAY!

And last, Whats that you ask? Have I been baking anything yummy lately?
So nice of you to inquire, lol.
Blueberry-Peach Crisp!!!
Lots of yummy ingredients...
So easy to make...
 Sooo easy to eat.
Doesn't even need ice cream.. unless you have some Hagan Daaz Vanilla that has to be used up soon.
I would love to hear what summer time things you are up to!


  1. Oh, I'm jealous! What beautiful country. Wish I were so close to the beach. Must be heavenly. And your garden is gorgeous. But, I would definitely have to have ice cream on your crisp! It looks so good - I say, if indulging, go all the way!

  2. I also wish I was close to the beach. Your garden is gorgeous (want to come do something at my house-LOL!).

  3. Beautiful photos, Karen. What a magnificent place to live. Your garden is lush and gorgeous. I'm intrigued by the celosia. Usually all you can get is the really dwarf varieties anymore. Your cobbler makes my mouth water. :)


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