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Friday, May 18, 2012

Careless Rapture

                                Many spring mornings ...I step into this garden and my breath catches
                                     God has been so good to allow me to experience such beauty.
       The light purple Iris (unsure of cultivar)  fills the air with the scent that is like a good grape Kool-aid!
The view from the side of the garden
'Brave Heart'...I think lol..Its all in my garden journal..I'm too tired to check!
'Yaquina Blue'... who knows if that's spelled right!
'Gallery Pink' Lupine
       Papaver oriental 'Queen Alexander'
And that's why she's the Queen!
Columbine that is sheer joy! 
My 'Baby Girl' ( that's her cultivar name - HA) took these last 2 shots.
Good job Baby Girl!

So, that's whats blooming here at Glimpses of Glory!


  1. Gorgeous photos. I love the "Baby Girl" flowers.

  2. Karen, Your iris are just amazingly beautiful! Wow! The lupine, columbine, and poppies are stunning too.
    xo Beth


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